Flint Scandal Edit

The Flint Scandal was when the water of Flint,Michigan got contaminated with lead and the EPA and Michigan government did not do anything about it.



Investigation and Recalling Edit

On November 30th 2016 president Hillary Clinton launched an investigation of the EPA because they did hardly anything to help Flint. A day later the people of Michigan recalled Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan. A week later Snyder was indicted for malfeasance. The Lieutenant Governor, Brian Calley (R) was briefly appointed interim governor. The people elected Senator, Debbie Stabenow as Governor. On January 8th the head of the EPA, Gina McCarthy was fired.3 days later Rick Snyder was convicted. 8 days after that,McCarthy was indicted and 9 weeks after hat McCarthy was convicted.

many other people were fired and indicted.

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